AutoBillMe V1.0

The Non-PHP Automated Billing Solution for Web Hosts

Secure Automated Billing for Web Hosts and Online Businesses

AutoBillMe is a solid & robust billing system designed for small businesses to easily & safely sell their products online. It uses atypical technologies to ensure a unique platform that will be unfamiliar to hackers.

Unique Design Features

  High Focus on Security, coded in C++
  Does not require PHP
  Does not require MySQL
  Simply uses <div> elements with Javacript, JQuery and HTML5
  Div elements can be embedded into any existing website

Progress Blog

Update 10/09/2023: ETA hmmm...soon As far as things are going right now all I can say is: "I will be able to release it when it's ready" - that's the most accurate statement I can provide. Thanks to all those who have already contacted me expressing interest, AutoBillMe is coming soon. The issue is : I cannot release AutoBillMe until I'm 100% sure it's ready and I'm ready for the ride. You see once the train leaves the station I know it's going to be a wild ride. So I really need to make sure everything is properly lined up before I board this train, which requires planning and schedule clearing. So the train will certainly be leaving the station soon but exactly when I can't say. Thanks for being patient, Toot toot !

Update 29/04/2023: So what's happening? Where is AutoBillMe? Shouldn't it be released by now? The simple reality is that AutoBillMe is large and I haven't been able to finish as quickly as I hoped. Personally I just spent the last few months doing a house move. I don't know if it's just me but life seems pretty volitile lately, there have been some big shocks and thankfully we've emerged unscathered, but its been difficult to give a lot of my time to AutoBillMe the last few months, although I did still manage to complete some sections of the code. Anyway the good news is I now see a period of time ahead (next few months) that should be smoother sailing and I'm feeling like the time is nearing when AutoBillMe will be released. I will of course email all who have contacted us and showed interest with invitations to Beta testing. So hang tight, AutoBillMe is still on the way and one day soon you'll receive an invitation by email for Beta testing. Thanks for being so patient, the security enhancements we have added, along with the features will make it worth the wait.

Update 14/11/2022: A few last minute Security Enhancements In Australia there have been a number of concerning cyber security hacks the last few months. The first big one was Optus and then MediBank and many others. Basically millions of Australians have had their private data stolen by hackers. This has caused me to look again at the security of AutoBillMe, to make sure it's absolutely bullet proof. The security approach to AutoBillMe has been to assume that whatever system it is running on - it will be breached. So the approach has been to encrypt ALL sensitive data, which results in nearly everything being stored in an encrypted format. So if a hacker was to gain access to all of AutoBillMe's directories and data the hacker would not be able to make sense of anything. I have spent the last few weeks hardening the security of AutoBillMe even more, in fact I have changed the structure of some of the data to make it even more confusing to hackers as well as increase the complexity of the encryption. I have also spent the last few weeks completing some other tasks, such as migrating AutoBillMe from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5 and continuing development of the Stripe gateway module. Everything in AutoBillMe is now converted to Bootstap 5, so that's complete, but development work is still being done on the Stripe gateway module, which is still incomplete. There is also some further work that needs to be done on the Eway gateway module, although not much. So due to the security enhancements the AutoBillMe Beta release has again been delayed (sorry) but it's well worth the wait, so we are now looking at early 2023 for Beta release.

Update 16/09/2022: Last Lap I am currently working on the Stripe gateway module, of which progress has been good. I spent an extra few weeks creating another website called I had to set this up as AutoBillMe needs a reliable service for Web Analytics. I didn't want to pay for another service and all the free ones are unreliable, so I was forced to create my own. Feel free to use this service yourself, I have made it free. All AutoBillMe installations will use this service. Anyway once I have completed the Stripe gateway module I will also need to update the E-way gateway module and then there will only be a few more last things to do and AutoBillMe will be released for Beta testing. It's quite incredible just how much work is involved in putting the entire package together and releasing it, but thankfully I can see the moment finally arriving !

Update 26/07/2022: Progress Update cPanel and DirectAdmin modules are now complete, both fully cater for automatic monthly metric billing. Both modules also cater for traditional prepaid options like dedicated ips, extra disk/bandwidth, ssh shell access and nameservers. These modules also now detect changes on the server and can automatically update billing. So for example let's say you wanted to give a client a dedicated IP. You could simply login to your WHM or DirectAdmin panel and grant a user account a dedicated IP. Both these modules would then detect the change and automatically update the clients billing to reflect this change without you needing to do anything more. These kind of "smart" features have taken more time to code, but I believe they are worth the wait. Now all that's left is some further testing of the core code and I'm considering improving the checkout process prior to release. I am also considering adding the Stripe gateway prior to Beta release. So still a bit of work to complete, but just know that I am working full time on this software and are really wanting to released it soon. So far I have invested a lot of time but have received no return (reward) for that time, so I'm keen to get it to market and get some reward :) Thank you all for being very patient, Beta coming soon !

Update 28/04/2022: Still Coming I'm pleased to report that steady development work has been getting us closer to a Beta release this year. With the decision in January to add Metrics to both the DirectAdmin and cPanel modules has come a longer development time. Originally metrics were not going to be included, but they are a worthy inclusion so we decided to add this before the Beta release. An ETA is difficult right now but the cPanel module is basically complete (with metric billing) and we are currently updating the DirectAdmin module to add metrics. Once complete then we will be finishing off some last remaining gateway modules (not expected to take long) and we'll need to do some more broader internal testing after which we'll be ready to release the Beta version. Thank you everyone for being patient, AutoBillMe is coming and will now have more features from the Get Go!

Update 07/12/2021: More Progress We are getting very close now! The bulk of the Admin Area interface is now done. The last remaining work to do in the Admin area is finishing coding what the modules display in the Admin interface. Right now most of the module work has been done, all that's left is to clean up the code and make sure everything works on the Admin interface side. The modules that will come with AutoBillMe with the initial release will be DirectAdmin, cPanel, Maxmind and a License Management module. Many more modules will be added next year such as a KVM VPS management module, Domain registrar modules and many others. I also need to do the Admin interfaces for the gateways, which are basically the same as modules except purely for transactional functions. The gateway modules included with the first release will be Paypal standard & Eway with many more gateways also being added next year. This is a big project and it will take some time to get a full suite of modules and gateways developed to meet everyones needs, but of course this is what we will be doing to make AtuoBillMe appeal to the largest market possible. I will be setting up a features request section on our soon to be updated website that will allow anyone to submit and vote for the new features they want. Anyway so we're getting closer and closer to release and thanks for being ever so patient. I know I promised a release before the end of this year, but it's looking like Jan/Feb 2022 now. So enjoy your Christmas break and AutoBillMe should be ready for Beta testing early 2022.

Update 19/08/2021: Meeting the Need ! It's becomming clearer each day that the need is growing. Covid has shown the absolute necessity for businesses to have an online ordering platform. Basically if your customers can't order from you online then lockdowns are going to hurt you a lot more. Sadly many businesses are losing the battle and we here at AutoBillMe want to stand with businesses worldwide to help them survive this current Covid crisis. So we're working harder than ever trying to get AutoBillMe into the marketplace as soon as possible. I can make the promise today that at the very least AutoBillMe will be available this year in one form or another. We are currently stream lining some aspects of AutoBillMe in order to get it to market sooner. So not much longer now. Please email us at if interested in Beta testing. First in will receive greater rewards.

Update 22/06/2021: I'm glad to report that development of AutoBillMe has picked up again recently ! But rather than push hard and fast, we're working at a more steady and consistent pace. There have been many distractions that have kept disrupting the development of AutoBillMe over the last 18 months (since Covid hit) but as time has passed we're now finally seeing a slow but steady return to more normal conditions. Or perhaps we are adapting better to the pace of change in our world. Whichever it is, we're pleased to report greater progress and a renewed focus on completing this project. In reality we are very close to completion, being approx 95% complete, the finish line is in sight.

Update 04/05/2021: Turbulance ! There have been significant delays again in development this year due to Covid 19. What can I say? The world is in a turbulent state but despite this AutoBillMe will still continue to be developed. I will update again soon.

Update 22/08/2020: More disruptions, could anyone have predicted 2020? What a year, lockdowns, empty shelves at the supermarket, general anarchy on the streets. Anyway as you may have guessed already development progress was impacted this year by Covid19. Personally I had to direct my focus on other areas, like migrations (again) and new adjustments to my business. I'm pleased to announce most of the "adjusting" is over now and I am back to focusing on intense development again. In fact right now I am working on AutoBillMe more than I ever have. I am now 100% determined to have this product available for Beta testing before the end of the year (2020). So hang in there, we're almost done !

Update 04/12/2019: New target release date is early 2020, which will be for Beta testing. AutoBillMe is still under heavy development and has only been delayed due to the cPanel pricing fiasco, which forced us to devote time to other matters, namely on our own client migrations and the coding of new software (DAreseller) for our own clients and DirectAdmin users in general. We are now 100% focused back on AutoBillMe and are determined to get it released as soon as possible. Thank you to all who have been waiting patiently !

Update 02/07/2019: cPanel/WHMCS takeovers I'm sure by now you've heard about the cPanel takeover and price increases. Well did you also know that the same investment group (Oakley Capital Investment) that bought out cPanel have also just bought out WHMCS? So guess what's likely coming for WHMCS licensing fees? Yes ..... PRICE INCREASES! As far as we're concerned it will just be a matter of time before WHMCS license prices increase. While this means more pain for the Hosting Industry - this is a big "shot in the arm" for the AutoBillMe project. Now more than ever an alternative automated billing system is needed. You can bet I will be working hard over the coming months to get AutoBillMe ready for public release. However there is going to be an immediate 1+ month delay....caused by the current cPanel takeover. So a bit of a bump in the road right now - but then full steam ahead again after that. Thank you for being patient and rest assured I'm very eager to get AutoBillMe "out there" !

Update 12/04/2019: Name Change WHMexec is now called AutoBillMe. We changed the name to avoid any confusion of our future billing system favouring the cPanel/WHM Hosting platform. We also want AutoBillMe to appeal to a broader market than just Hosting Businesses. So going forward WHMexec will now be called AutoBillMe.

Update 29/03/2019: Much progress has been made since the last update post in August 2018. AutoBillMe is now running live on our main business website All public viewable sections of the software are now complete and operational. We have just completed a maxmind module for fraud detection and are currently working on coding a "dreamscape domains" module to fully automate ordering domains on our website. There is still work remaining in other Admin sections but we are still on track to release AutoBillMe in mid 2019.

Update 12/08/2018: This software is still under heavy development and is expected to be available now in 2019. Currently a last section of the "Client Area" is being coded. Once completed then a licensing module will be developed in order to manage licenses. After that it will be setup to run on its first live website, expected to be completed in September 2018. At that time a link will be provided for people to see the software in action. This will mark the core completion of the software, however more development time will follow as remaining "Admin Functions" are completed before its public release in 2019.

Development Progress (99%)