AutoBillMe V1.0 - Coming Soon !

Complete Billing Automation for Web Hosts and any Online Business !

Key Design Features

     High Focus on Security
  Does not require PHP - but remains compatible with PHP
  Does not require MySQL
  Each installation has its own unique database encryption
  Flexible layout using <div> elements with Jquery and HTML5
  Built upon and compatible with Bootstrap 4

Launching Late 2019

Update 02/07/2019 cPanel/WHMCS takeovers I'm sure by now you've heard about the cPanel price increases. Well did you also know that the same investment group (Oakley Capital Investment) that bought out cPanel have also just bought out WHMCS? So guess what's likely coming for WHMCS licensing fees? Yes ..... PRICE INCREASES! As far as we're concerned it will just be a matter of time before WHMCS license prices increase - probably within 12 months. While this means more pain for the Hosting Industry - this is a big "shot in the arm" for the AutoBillMe project. Now more than ever an alternative automated billing system is needed. You can bet I will be working hard over the coming months to get AutoBillMe ready for public release. However there is going to be an immediate 1+ month delay....caused by the current cPanel licensing fiasco. So a bit of a bump in the road right now - but then full steam ahead again after that. Thank you for being patient and rest assured I'm very eager to get AutoBillMe "out there" - especially to combat the growing monopoly power of Oakley Capital Investment.

Update 12/04/2019 Name Change WHMexec is now called AutoBillMe. We changed the name to avoid any confusion of our future billing system favouring the cPanel/WHM Hosting platform. We also want AutoBillMe to appeal to a broader market than just Hosting Businesses. So going forward WHMexec will now be called AutoBillMe.

Update 29/03/2019: Much progress has been made since the last update post in August 2018. AutoBillMe is now running live on our main business website All public viewable sections of the software are now complete and operational. We have just completed a maxmind module for fraud detection and are currently working on coding a "dreamscape domains" module to fully automate ordering domains on our website. There is still work remaining in other Admin sections but we are still on track to release AutoBillMe in mid 2019.

Update 12/08/2018: This software is still under heavy development and is expected to be available now in 2019. Currently a last section of the "Client Area" is being coded. Once completed then a licensing module will be developed in order to manage licenses. After that it will be setup to run on its first live website, expected to be completed in September 2018. At that time a link will be provided for people to see the software in action. This will mark the core completion of the software, however more development time will follow as remaining "Admin Functions" are completed before its public release in 2019.

Project Development Progress (98%)

98% Project Complete (success)

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